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4 Unusual Must Try Japanese Food


Japanese women and men live longer and healthier than everyone else on Earth. They expect to live 86 and 79 years respectively (compared to 80 and 75 years for Americans). One of the most important reasons is that they have a healthy meal. The ways of preparing Japanese foods are very healthy. They use light-cooking style such as boiling, steaming, and they love raw food, too.

Japan has some of the finest food on earth. Here are 4 unusual popular foods you need to try when you’re in Japan. Hit like if you want more videos!

The best, healthiest parts of Japanese cuisine have little to do with individual food items. It has to do with the way food is consumed: in moderation, and with lots of variety. During a typical day, a Japanese person consumes about 15 to 20 types of food if not more; nutritionists in Japan urge everyone to eat at least 30 different types of food a day. This may seem impossibly daunting if you come from a meat-and-two-veg food culture, but it’s not a big stretch in Japanese food culture.

Try to add more variety to your meals may make your everyday meals just a bit healthier

If you eat a lot of different foods, you are much more inclined to eat a healthy balanced diet. Of course you can cheat and choose 30 types of snack foods and candies, but that would be silly. You know a typical Japanese meal has ‘1 soup, 3 dishes” besides the main carbohydrate. Even if you don’t cook Japanese food style a lot, trying to add more variety to your meals may make your everyday meals just a bit healthier.

And the other part of Japanese cuisine, or Japanese food culture, that makes it relatively healthy is small portions and moderation. If you go to Japan you will see that the streets of its cities, especially Tokyo, are just filled with restaurants and various food related establishments. People enjoy a huge variety of cuisines and foods, some of them not at all inherently ‘healthy’.

Japanese food
Japanese food culture makes it relatively healthy is small portions and moderation

French pastries for example are tremendously popular, despite reports to the contrary. All kinds of junk food abound in stores. Yet, most Japanese people manage to stay pretty slim. It’s all about portion size and moderation. You can eat your cake and your ramen and your tonkatsu, as long as you don’t eat it all the time or in huge portions and you balance it out with other foods. It’s not a sexy quick-fix kind of characteristic that grabs headlines.


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